Friday, March 9, 2012

Guest Blogger {DIY Davis Style}

Hi everyone! This is my VERY first guest blog post and I could not be more excited! Artsee Fartsee and I have known eachother for a while and by a while I mean we cheered together in College! We have reconnected and discovered that we both love DIY Crafts and other shabby chic goodies! Pop over to my blog, DIY Davis Style for other projects, recipes and DIY goodies! I try to post my receipts so you know exactly what you're looking at cost wise...and I give you the pretty, the ugly and the holy crap what was I thinking?!
Here we go!
Okay you guys...I am sure you allll know about the evil amazing, addicting new website out there called Pintrest. I spend every single day am on there occasionally and have seen a few of my fellow bloggers talking about PINTREST DAY.

Yep, you read that right...PINTREST.DAY.
An entire day devoted to actually creating those amazing projects we saw on Pintrest. There are 4 of us getting together today to work these projects out! 
 We're all picking a project or two that we have been dying to try and we're going to have a full day of it. We're even going to include a few recipes and drinks from Pintrest that we have also wanted to try! Guys...I.CAN.NOT.WAIT!!! I don't think I can express how excited I am. I LOVE crafts and am excited that I don't have to do them alone!
So here's where we I took a wrong turn...a friend from work is coming to this shindig and we thought it would be a great idea to just pop by Michaels and just see if there was anything that really caught our eye for our projects. See, I really had no idea what my project was going to be and I thought that I would just ride the Michaels vibe and it would just...*poof*  come to me...just like that. Well that's exactly what happened and before I knew it I had everything that I would need for said project in my little hand basket and I was READY. I think that might be a massive slight understatement.
Which brought us was 8:35 pm on Thursday night and a COMPLETED craft..."well crap now what am I going to make on Saturday???"

{Jute Wreath}
Estimated time...about 30 minutes!

Here's what I spent....
$28.34 and I had to buy glue sticks and a gift bag!

Here's what you'll need:

1 Green foam floral wreath
Assorted flowers 
Hot glue gun & sticks
A brown paper bag {or you can use ribbon of your choosing}
And a roll of jute {which is VERY similar to hemp and burlap}.

 Step 1
Use that junk mail...Heat up your hot glue gun and be sure to set something under junk mail. Once your gun is heated you will want to carefully dab hot glue onto one end of the jute. Once there is glue on there DO NOT press down directly on top or you will burn the dickens out of your fingers! {Yes I said dickens...I can't curse if I wanna keep my ads...drat}

Said junk mail protecting my 1800's re salvaged table...
You will want to DAB with your index finger so that the jute affixes itself to the wreath. I was going to say "like so" until I realized I didn't have a picture...UGH bear with me guys...I'm still learning!So once you have the end stuck really well you want to wrap it with the jute in a diagonal direction. This way your jute doesn't pucker or give you a lumpy look.
Hot glue and dab..don't press like this picture!
I wraped my twice, if you buy the same jute from Michaels I did {for $4.99} it is plenty to do two layers. By doing two layers you are covering the green completely, which really is the point right? If you wanted a green wreath you wouldn't be wrapping it with brown jute...
When you get to the other end you'll want to put more hot glue on and dab again. NOT PRESSING {I obviously keep reiterating this because well even though I knew this little precious adorable detail...I still did it...5 times} Yes I counted...the blisters.

When the wreath is wrapped you will want to turn your attention to your flowers which brings us to
Step 2...
You can use whatever spray paint you want...
Arrange your flowers. I bought everything from the $1.99 stacks...well thank you spring flower sale! I just pulled the flower heads off and if you know me...I usually just plan an idea of how I want it done...I wing it Planning 0, Winging It 1. I am pretty pleased with the way it came out. I decided I wanted my white flowers to look a little like anemones {like my most favorite flower in the entire world} so I spray painted the middles black for effect. {read: you don't have to do this part if you don't care what color the centers are} 
Arrange them how you want and use stick pins and hot glue to secure them into place. I added a few leaves off the stems to give a little more color. I also bought some small hydrangea type flowers that I tucked around the large buds for more texture. See these two pictures? The greenery and the hydrangea flowers make a HUGE difference. I also added two folded pieces of burlap that I had laying around for a little something extra...

*Helpful hint...when you are hot gluing DO NOT hold the gun over your leg....the glue is liquidy and will DRIP...{read: ouch}

When you're done with your arrangement You will want to secure your loop on the back whether it is with ribbon or with a gift bag handle like I chose to use. I wanted to be sure to have something that would give that same rough feel as the jute so the cord worked like a charm. Looking back on this I probably should have affixed this before all the flowers on the front but it wasn't an issue. You will want to hot glue it to the back then use 2-3 stick pins to hold it in place...better to be safe than sorry!

And there you have it! Jute wreath with silk flowers...and it only took me 30-45 minutes, $29 and a few bandaids!

If you try this project let me know how it turns out! I know I need a better camera :\ add it to the list!!!

{DIY Davis Style}